While all trees, shrubs, and turf gain vital nutrients and moisture from the environment, they thrive when additional organic materials are also available. Mulch complements or restores the nutrients found in the soil.

The certified arborists at Nels Johnson Tree Experts understand that trees and other plants grown on residential and commercial properties don’t enjoy the same nutritional benefits as those growing in nature. Our mulching service improves the organic content of the soil, while also suppressing the growth of weeds.

The Benefits of Mulch

Replacing turf around trees with organic mulch products not only ensures a new source of nutrients, it helps prevent lawn mowers and weed whackers from damaging tree roots and trunks. Additional benefits include:

  • Improving soil structure and moisture retention
  • Providing a protective layer against freezing winter soil and hot summer temperatures

Mulch Offerings

We offer single and double ground black, brown and naturally aged organic mulch. To discuss mulch options for your property, call the specialists at Nels Johnson Tree Experts today.